HAVAL Motors SA introduces connectiveCARE and invests in parts operations to bolster aftersales


HAVAL Motors SA (a wholly owned subsidiary of GWM-Great Wall Motors) has achieved accelerated growth in South Africa with leading models such as the GWM P-Series, HAVAL Jolion, and HAVAL H6. This year GWM celebrated 15 years in South Africa. HAVAL celebrated its 5th year of being in the South African market. During quarter three of 2022, HAVAL launched not only its first Hybrid Electric Vehicle (the HAVAL H6 HEV) but also the HAVAL H6 GT. Both have taken the local market by storm with many new customers to the brand.

According to Yusuf Patel, Head of Aftersales at Haval Motors SA, “Our business and customer base has grown by 106% during 2021 and we are looking to finish 2022 exceptionally strong by gaining market share and adding significant year on year growth to our vehicle parc. During this year, we outgrew our current parts warehouse and distribution centre operations by four times! We are in the process of finalising new, larger facilities for our parts operations which will significantly hold higher optimised levels of parts inventory to support our customers, dealers, and growing vehicle parc.”

Yusuf Patel further states that “these phenomenal achievements we could not have done alone. We could not have achieved, believed, improved, or grown without our very dedicated, professional, and highly efficient customer-focused dealer network.” HAVAL Motors SA’s dealer network has enjoyed explosive growth too, expanding from 60 to over 90 dealerships across the country and growing in Africa too.

“We are focused on our customers and their ownership experience. connectiveCARE is our new aftersales brand, which forms our customer ownership experience framework to bolster service, brand and differentiate our aftersales commitment, value propositions and ownership peace of mind. We are customer-centric and believe that the moment you take ownership of your vehicle, is only the beginning of your brand journey of ownership experience. For complete peace of mind, we offer comprehensive Aftersales support, and always strive daily to go the extra mile to ensure all our customers receive the best assistance they may require at any time.”

Conrad Groenewald, recently appointed as COO at HAVAL Motors SA: “connectiveCARE and investing in new, larger parts operations will be a significant commitment to our customers, business and dealer success including a sustainable future in South Africa. Our 2023 plans and future aspirations reshape tomorrow, change aftersales with new energy vehicles, position us for growth, and importantly support the new models and brands we intend to launch. GWM and HAVAL are firmly entrenched in South African buyers’ hearts, and we will always strive for continuous improvement to ensure South Africa receives the most innovative, technologically advanced, and affordable vehicles along with superior aftersales in connectiveCARE.”


About GWM
Great Wall Motors (GWM) is a world-renowned SUV and pickup manufacturer founded on the 1st of July 1990. It was listed on the Hong Kong Exchange in 2003 and the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2011.

In South Africa, 2022 has been an exceptional year for GWM and HAVAL, achieving a top 10 ranking on NAAMSA Sales including within the top 5 during January and top 6 in October respectively.

GWM and HAVAL received top honours in the recent NAAMSA Accelerator Awards for the following categories:

  • New Vehicle Sales: GWM P-Series: Winner for light commercial newcomer vehicle of the year.
  • Manufacturing Award: HAVAL Jolion: Winner of the top imported newcomer car of the year.
  • New Vehicle Sales: HAVAL Jolion was also nominated for the passenger newcomer of the year.

With South African consumers firmly behind GWM and HAVAL, the company’s promise of reshaping tomorrow is not only being achieved but is nothing short of inspiring.



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